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Adega Guimaro

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Since 1991, an enologist from León, Luis Buitrón, who was instrumental in the creation of the Ribeira Sacra D.O. and helped the Rodríguez family begin estate-bottling their wines. They named their winery Guímaro. Guímaro was one of the first adegas to join the appellation in 1996. In the beginning the wines were simple
jovenes, young wines that showed the slate- infused freshness of lush red fruit and supple texture.
1991年,佩德罗·罗德里格斯聘请了来自里昂的一位酿酒师,路易斯·贝特隆,开始对自己的酒进行灌瓶, 并将家族酒庄命名为“吉马洛”。吉马洛酒庄在1996 年成为加入萨卡拉河岸法定产区的首批酒庄之一。 在二十一世纪初期,路易斯·贝特隆将佩德罗介绍给 比尔索地区的著名酿酒师劳尔·佩雷斯。在劳尔的指点下,佩德罗意识到了他手中所拥有的那些老藤葡萄的出众的潜力,可以酿造出极富表现力,以及极具陈年能力的单一葡萄园酒。 

In the early 2000’s Luis Buitrón introduced Pedro to the great winemaker Raúl Pérez of Bierzo. Raúl helped Pedro see the potential of his old vine holdings to produce profoundly expressive and age-worthy single plot wines. Old-fashioned winemaking methods were reclaimed as well.This approach gives us some of the most distinctive and age-worthy wines being produced today on the “Sacred Banks”.
酒庄的葡萄园都坐落在几近垂直的山坡上,无法采用 任何现代化设备,人工种植、采收,且难度非常大。 这种种植方式被称为“史诗种植(HEROIC VITICULTURE)”,来彰显其劳作的难度之巨大。

Winemaker: Pedro Rodríguez


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