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Gin Mom

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Gin Mom

British Distilled Gin
Juniper, Coriander, Angelica Root, Lily Root, Cassia, Liquorice, Cranberry, Thyme
The exciting personality of this Gin is a result of infusing  with red fruits after four distillations in copper stills that materialize in an extremely pleasant character. Its softness and vibrant taste to red fruits are obtained after a careful process of elaboration.

Produced in England, MOM reinterprets the symbols of British tradition with a touch of modernity. The name is wordplay of sort with a nod to British humor.
MOM, “The Queen of Genes”, was born with the aim of breaking stereotypes. Soft but with character, aristocratic but plebeian, elegant and rebellious. Its design, black and magenta, reveals the same duality as the British character: tradition and avant- garde. A Premium gin made with red fruits and exotic botanicals used to achieve its soft character and elegant English spirit. MOM exudes a feminine, sophisticated and contemporary universe, with a transgressor touch. God Save the Gin!

容量丨Volume: 700ml
酒精度丨Alcohol: 39.5%vol
包装丨MP: 6 btl/box

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